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Many prestigious manufacturers have used Grohe's Tempress Pressure Balance rough valve as a starting point for their own trims. Manufacturers such as Dornbracht, Jado, Phylrich, Cifial, and many others have used - or are still using - the Tempress PBV. Sometimes replacement trim parts are difficult to find, or have been discontinued, or are difficult to identify.

Grohe also uses a variant of this quality Pressure Balance rough valve, called GrohSafe. The difference between the GrohSafe PBV and the Tempress PBV (used by the other manufacturers) is the front casting plate. GrohSafe comes with a 47.343.550 front casting plate, and it allows any GrohSafe trim sets to be used on a Tempress valve. Any non-Grohe Tempress PBV can be upgraded to any GrohSafe trim by changing the Tempress front casting plate to a GrohSafe front casting plate. Additionally, Grohe PBV cartridges can be installed as replacements in any of these Tempress PBVs. How do you know which Grohe cartridge should be used as the replacement? They will visually resemble each other.

Use this guide to match the Tempress cartridge to the Grohe one.

So, Mrs. Smith came in to your showroom with a gray plastic pressure balance cartridge, and some unbranded Antique Brass trim pieces - including a lever handle shaped like a fish. Mrs. Smith said, "The plumber says these are Grohe, and he needs a new cartridge, and wants me to pick out new trim. I'd like something in contemporary chrome to match that lovely Essence lavatory faucet that you have on display. Can you help?"

Now, you know that Grohe doesn't make Antique Brass, and would never use a fish-shaped handle, but the cartridge does look just like a Grohe PBV cartridge, so you go to your Grohe Cartridge reference guide at the Western Sales website, and confirm that it looks exactly like a Grohe PBV cartridge. You show Mrs. Smith the Grohe Essence PBV trimset, and she says, "Perfect!"

Apply what you learned: What pieces do you need in order to rid Mrs. Smith of her fish handle and supply the Grohe PBV trim of her dreams?

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